Our Impact

Our Approach

Our response to human suffering is innovation. As there is limited work in human trafficking in Canada, we undertake considerable development to create what doesn’t exist, to be inclusive of Survivor voice, and specialized design to see best outcomes.

The Salvation Army Illuminate has pioneered the “Freedom Model”, a one of a kind, trauma sensitive case management model designed to be inclusive of survivor voice while working towards goals that are personalized and oriented towards healing from the inside out. We teach this model externally, and utilize it in all our direct services, inclusive of modalities such as;

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Trauma Specific Practice
  • Decolonizing Praxis
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Person-Environment-Occupation Model

We believe that after exploitation, an extraordinary life is waiting for Survivors. Our programs are designed to support intervention, tangible strategies to exit, collaboration with others, interdependence development, and building back human capacity. We avoid Savior or rescuing approaches, and instead act as coaches, guides, and facilitators to support Survivors to walk in healing, resilience, and hope.

Voices of Survivors

We seek to raise up Survivor voices, but ensure they do not experience exploitation through the process. The following Survivor experiences are shared with permission, utilizing ethical storytelling principles.

Our Direct Services

All services are free, offered to all genders unless specified below, and can be accessed through one central phone line, found here.

The first in Canada, offered digitally and in person for Survivors age 16 and up living in community to access full time and part time education, training, mentorship, second stage housing subsidies, employment programs (such as Barista and Cosmetology training), one on one navigation, and registered clinical therapy.

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A high security safe house and live in program for female presenting Survivors age 16 and up, offering stays up to 9 months. Survivors have access to full time programming customized to their needs, individual bedrooms, registered clinical therapy, and beautiful safe learning spaces to begin the road of healing.

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Providing specialized online and in person education, activities, and events that strengthen and enrich activities of daily living, employment, education, volunteering, and social development.

The first of its kind in North America, this full time, part time, and online program offers best practice treatment programming focusing on trauma, addictions, and mental health, in an exciting, specialized, and multi-modal delivery.

Specialized Service Partnerships

In addition to our programs, we also offer specialized services for Survivors, including;
. Tattoo Branding Removal
. Gym & Fitness access
. Art, pet, light, eco, and equine therapy
. Registered Clinical Counselling
. Free of cost dental services
. Flights to and from our programs across Canada
. Rehabilitative dance & yoga residency
. Employment opportunities
. Indigenous mentoring

We are also developing brand new, long term initiatives that will be implemented in the next 2-3 years.

Our Initatives

The Spark - Logo

Registered curriculum designed to support service providers, law enforcement, and community members to identify, respond, and support Survivors of human trafficking, as well as ethics of practice. To request consultation services for program development, email us at connect@illuminateht.com

Shift - Logo

We conduct research to learn and respond to the unique complexities of this issue in Canada, with Survivor leaders engaged in development & evaluation.

United Nations Financial Access Project

We are the host site of multiple national financial access projects in partnership with major financial institutions to give equitable access for Survivors of trafficking to develop economic independence and financial viability for their future, in partnership with the United Nations Finance Against Modern Slavery Initiative.
Read more here.

Voices Raised Survivor Summit

Annually, we host a Survivor Summit focused on healing, development, personal growth, rebuilding lives after exploitation, and celebrating resilience. Full scholarships are offered for Survivors to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Salvation Army fundraises to cover the cost of all programs so Survivors can access free of cost. Where available, our training is offered free of cost, although an honoraria for our time and materials is appreciated.

See our connect section on this site, found here

Depending on the program you are seeking to access, we often do have waitlists, however we encourage referrals as we process intakes to programs quickly once space is available.

The majority of Survivors we work with do not reside with us, and we value our hundreds of national partners to assist trafficked persons to access supports needed. The largest need we have identified is outreach and community based services, paired with safe housing and second stage apartments.

All of our programs have no religious requirements. Our staff and clients are diverse in background and experience. Should Survivors want to pursue spiritual supports, every effort will be made to assist them to connect in community as per their leading and preferences, but it is not a requirement.

Survivors who are seeking to exit exploitation through our programs are not required to access law enforcement. However, our staff will follow duty to report requirements for clients in high risk circumstances, or should that risk put our programs or staff at risk of harm. Risk mitigation and establishing safety is paramount for Survivors of human trafficking, and law enforcement often supports Survivors as a part of their case planning to begin the road of healing.

Individuals are encouraged to review the GIVE page of our website for ways to tangibly support our work. All financial donations over $10.00 will receive a tax receipt. We have limited opportunities to volunteer due to the confidentiality requirements of our programs, but we encourage skilled applicants to send a resume and cover letter to volunteers@illuminateht.com

Our program locations are kept confidential. Survivors can access in person, by phone, online, or through digital service offerings by contacting us. We do not permit public tours to protect the safety of those we support.

Yes, we do, from leadership to frontline positions. However, we support our staff to develop professional skills and goals, and have equitable workplace experiences regardless of their backgrounds. We do not require staff to identify, to represent their experiences publicly, and we protect their confidentiality and right to work without the requirement of personal disclosure. We also ensure programs are overseen by lived experience advisory committees that are compensated for their time, and we follow ethical storytelling protocols in elevating Survivor voice while preventing advocacy exploitation.

We support Survivors from all backgrounds and expressions, including all protected human rights; age, family status, diverse abilities (mental and cognitive), religion, ancestry, gender expression, physical disability, sex, color, gender identity, place of origin, sexual orientation, criminal conviction, marital status, political belief, source of income, and race. In particular, we follow diversity/equity/inclusion policies, conduct and require ongoing staff training, and ensure diverse representation on our teams, including female led leadership, BIPOC+ & LGBTQ2SAI+ identifying staff and volunteers.

Inuit, Metis, and Indigenous Survivors are supported through a de-colonizing praxis in all Illuminate programs. We do this through utilization of Indigenous healing models (such as the Circle of Courage) in case planning, collaborative programming from Indigenous led organizations as an alternative to our offerings, while still retaining their place and stay in our programs. We support Indigenous led solutions, uphold Truth and Reconciliation calls to action, and partner as a secondary partner for Indigenous led projects Canada wide. Due to keeping our confidential spaces safe, we do not disclose the unceded territories our programs are located on publicly, but all our program locations have signage identifying the territories we are privileged to live & work on.

Invest in Our Work

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